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Overview / Security
Security is the main attribute for remote control software.We offer you the highest security standard that is achieved by using next technologies:
Secure authentication and encoded traffic

All data transferred via our software is safely encoded. In case of data lost the data is impossible to be decoded, even our staff can't decode it. The program uses CHAP algorithm for authentication and RC4 algorithm with 128 bit random key to encode transferred data.

Double password protection

At least 2 passwords are required to be known to connect to distant computer via the Internet. The first and the most important is an Access Password to connect to Host PC directly. The second - an Account Password to enter your Account.
Even if someone get your Account Password, he would be unable to access your Host machine without Access Password. Keep both passwords in a secret.

Data guard

Our program doesn't store any customers' private information at server or any other data storage place.

Unopened Firewall ports

Using Account Connection service to access another desktop there is no need to open any additional port in the firewall, i.e. you don't create back doors in your security system. In this case Account Connection service is more secured than Direct Connection.

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