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Overview / Screenshots
Remote Desktop Remote Control PC allows to control another computer in a real time mode as if you were sitting right behind that desktop and were using its mouse and keyboard.

The program is rather realistic and operates so fast that you can even forget that you are working remotely.

File Transfer

Address Book shows the list of PCs you may control remotely. Thanks to the group policies, our program becomes an effective tool for network administration: all actions can be performed with the entire group of computers with a few mouse clicks.

Account Connections Comprehensive file transfer option, with an ability to transfer files and folders betrween computers. To optimize transfer speed all files are automatically compressed before transfer.
Address Book Due to the simple interface, our product is an easy solution even for novice users who are not familiar with networks and other technical stuff. All you need to perform is to start the program and enter the Password.
Security Settings There are whole number of easy setting, which can configure the software the way it would suit you the best. The most of attention is paid to security settings and access limitations.


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