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Overview / How it works
Common example

We would like every user to have a remote access from his/her home to office PC and vice versa.

Using Remote Control PC you will be able to see in a real time mode what is going on at the desktop of another computer. Furthermore, you will be able not only to see, but also to operate yourself that machine using your local mouse and a keyboard.

Remote Control PC - installation

The software should be installed at both computers: Local and remote one.

An installation package contains two modules - Admin and Host.

Host - Module: Needs to be installed on a distant PC, the one you would like to control (Office PC).
Admin - Module: Needs to be installed at your own local laptop, where from you would establish a connection. (Home PC)
During the installation process you have to set an Access Password to the Host module. Then the installation wizard would prompt you to create an account or to enter already exist account data. Account Connection is used to establish a trouble free connection to the target computer via the Internet. All PCs (Admin and Host) should be logged into the same Account, which is similar to working group.
Distant Access
Remote Access is possible to be established right after the installation of appropriate modules. Starting Admin module user would get a list of PCs he/she has an ability to connect to. Choosing any computer from the list and pushing "Connect" button you would be able either to view or control it.
Address Book Need to be mentioned: You don't need to know the IP address of a target machine at all. You may establish a connection without a necessity to spend your time for router, firewall and other network configurations.

In case you do need to establish a connection via IP address - it won't be a problem, the program supports Direct IP Connection as well.

Easy to use - that is our credo!


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