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Purchase / Business Version

HelpDesk Version of Remote Control PC allows you to control an UNLIMITED number of customers remotely.

The price for the product depends on the quantity of Admin computers and number of concurrent connections with Host PCs using Account Connection service:


Small HelpDesk

Medium HelpDesk

Corporate Unlimited

Account Connection
mode subscription*

2 years
2 years
Direct Connection mode Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Number of PCs where Host module can be installed Unlimited
Number of Host PCs in your Online Account at a time (you can remove any and add a new one instead)
10 50 Unlimited
Number of Admin PCs where Admin module can be installed and used 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Your own Gateway Server to handle Account Connections no no yes
Additional enterprise features no no yes
Development of additional features you need which are not included into standard package (e.g. your company logo and brandname in the software, etc.)
no no Optional
Free minor updates and priority support
2 years
2 years
On demand
399.00 USD

1099.00 USD

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*After "Online Account Connection" service expiration you will be able to renew the subscription. If you decide not to renew the subscription: you will be able to use Direct Connection mode (lifetime) after subscription expiration.

CORPORATE PLAN (for large companies)

Unlimited number of Admin and Host computers;
Unlimited number of concurrent connections in both connectivity modes (Direct and Account).

Lifetime usage of both connectivity modes (Direct and Account); No annual fees;

Unique features that are not present in other rate plans, i.e.:

  • Maximal security and performance, total autonomy ensured by installation of the software for Account Connection handling on your own hosting.
  • Ability to grant Admin users with different access rights.
  • Special version of Host Module, that doesn't require installation and data enter (already pre-configured) to support computer illiterate users.
  • Original software design with your own logo and brandname.
  • Priority in technical support by phone.

  • We can instantly develop additional features you need which are not present in standard package.
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