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About us

Remote Control Software Inc, is a goal oriented company with an aim to create an extremely user friendly remote control software to help individual users and IT Administrators to access distant computer over the Internet.
We are international business company incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles on 2016.

Nowadays the solution is translated into nine languages and used worldwide, which proves the necessity of trouble-free access to the another machine for users all over the world.

Such unique features as operation simplicity and high user-friendliness, reliability, high
Quality and high-quality technical support put the solution in a top list of analogical programs.

The highly qualified staff of the company follows and integrate the innovations
in the field of information technologies and work closely with analysts and sellers to ensure the optimal combination of software functionality and usability.

Remote Control PC is free for non-commercial usage. It is the best offer individual customers may find in the web. The reasonable prices and high quality of the software makes the product a real treasure for small, medium business and big corporations.

Software's vendor is a member of the main software conference, the Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF). Furthermore, the company is a Member of International Association of Shareware Professionals and Developers.

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