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Overview / Home

"Remote Control PC" is free product, that allows you to control another computer over LAN or Internet.

The software displays the remote desktop on your local screen and allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control it remotely. In other words, with our software you can operate another computer from your local place, as if you were sitting in front of it, no matter where you actually are.

The built-in File Transfer feature ensures an easy and secure way to exchange files between computers.

Our software is so fast and comfortable, that at some point you may think that you are working on a local computer, but not at the place where a remote one is placed!

Key features and benefits:
  • Display of remote computer's desktop on your screen; control in a real time mode.
  • Your own keyboard and mouse usage to control other PCs remotely.
  • File Transfer to/from distant computer.
  • Ability to copy text, graphics or other data from one PC and paste them to another.
  • Turn on/off or reboot machine over the Internet.
  • Easy connection to computer behind the router or firewall without any configuration.

    System requirements:
    Windows 8/7/Vista; 2000 XP/2003, 2008

All features...

How to get started:

To use our program you need at least 2 computers being connected to each other through a LAN or to the Internet. The software should be installed at both PCs a priori.

Remote computer control can be performed in two ways:

  • Direct Connection mode: Access is performed by IP address or DNS name.
  • Account Connection mode: Connection is performed over the Internet using an account and nickname. IP address is not used! This mode allows to bypass firewalls, routers and other obstacles.

After a connection was established, you can see the desktop of another computer, control it with your local mouse and keyboard, transfer files, etc.

How to install:

The product consists of two modules:

  • Host Module - must be installed on the computer you will control.
  • Admin Module - must be installed on the machine, where from a remote PC control session would be performed.

The installation package contains both modules. You can select the module you need to install during the installation process. Both modules can be installed at the same machine.

Installation instructions:

  1. Walk to computer you want to control remotely (Host). Download for free the installation package of "Remote Control PC" from our website to that computer and then install the Host Module there.
  2. Walk to your own laptop (Admin). Download the installation package and install the Admin Module.

Alternative products:

Remote Control PC software was developed on the base of our partner's product - Anyplace Control. It is well-knownproduct, the leader in its niche. "Anyplace Control" is paid product and is oriented mainly on corporate users, while our program is freeware and is oriented on consumers.

Users' feedback and Testimorials

feedback 1: about distance PC control experience Jane Austine, housewife:

My sister advised me this program to monitor my son's computer activity. He is already a teenager and I don't want him to watch adult content online as he is a teen, you know. Your program is a kind of magic. I do not quarrel with him, I just shut down his notebook remotely (this program allows to perform that) and that is all.

feedback about testing of our tool in real situation Nick Johnson, software tester:

I test a lot of programs, it is my hobby and job. Sometimes remote desktop software helps me to earn money. I sell my ideas how to improve other software products and I show my ideas to developers using remote control tools. I was the happiest with your solution. There were no bugs, it was easy and friendly. I recommend your website and your tool to all users as it is really worth of using. Moreover your application is free of charge. Fantastic!

feedback 3: form corporate user about our solutions Don Smith, supporter, corporate user:

I work in IT company and we have tried different...paid and free PC remote control tools to support our customers remotely. Sometimes it is a real pain to get to the customer. Most similar solutions are nice, but they are not very helpful. The only reliable application we have found was your product. We have tested a corporate version and it was awesome. We requested a price for corporate edition and we were shocked, such powerful product had so generous price. We don't face problems anymore. We may perform remote PC control no matter where the customer is. Despite the fact it is a free for personal use, but it meets all corporate requirements. It's just great!

Ian Welsh, student:

My parents bought a PC when I left to college to mail me. Since that time my life has changed. They have met so many issues that I have had to search for a remote control PC solution to assist them. I have tried a lot of free utilities, but they had an unstable connection. Mom was nervous when remote desktop session disconnected unexpected. She thought I failed to help them. But your distant PC control program was my savior. It is nice, reliable and free. Now I can perform anything I want with this tool. Mom is happy and it is above all. Thanks, I adore your invention.

Areas of Application:

Customers' support and troubleshooting computer problems remotely:

Connection to customer's machine through the network or over the Internet to provide an assistance with computer-related problems. IT specialist or operator of technical support can serve the clients more effectively without the need to visit their computers directly. Technical support can be provided over the Internet. Moreover, customer see the process of remote support and have full control under the process.

  • Tech. support in real-time
  • Reducing of transport expenses
  • The minimal time of waiting for support

Network management and administration:

Thanks to remote access possibility, the work of network administrator become more effective. System admin is not obliged to spend the time for the trip from one company office to another around the city. Companies are not obliged to hire big staff of network admins. One IT specialist is able to serve hundreds of computers without need to leave his working place.



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